• The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies
    An excellent site based at Georgetown University and maintained by Martin Irvine and Deborah Everhart. Highlights include links to electronic primary texts and criticism; images; and lists of other medieval-related web material divided into subjects such as Social History and Medieval Women.
  • Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies
    An academic site written and maintained by medieval scholars, the ORB has a number of important resources such as the ORB Encyclopedia; online texts; bibliographies; and links to other online resources.
  • The Rule of St. Benedict
    The complete Rule arranged by chapter title. A site maintained by The Order of St. Benedict.
  • Anonimalle Chronicle: English Peasants' Revolt 1381
    A description, from a chronicle of the time, of the final meeting of Richard II and Wat Tyler. From Paul Halsall's Internet Medieval Source Book, Fordham University.

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