Derek Mahon, "The Hunt by Night"

Derek Mahon (1941–) was born in Belfast 1941 and educated at the Royal Academical Institution and Trinity College, Dublin. He traveled in North America and France before returning to Ireland in 1967, and moved to London in 1970. He has worked as a screenwriter, theatre critic, poetry editor, and features editor for Vogue, and he is a regular contributor to the Irish Times. He has lectured at a number of universities in the United States and Europe. His poetry collections include Night-Crossing (1968), Lives (1972), The Snow Party (1975), Poems 1962–1978 (1979), Courtyards in Delft (1981), The Hunt By Night (1982), Selected Poems (1991), and Collected Poems (1999). His translations include High Time (a version of Molière's A School for Husbands), The Selected Poems of Philippe Jaccottet, Euripedes's The Baccae, and Racine's Phaedra. His has been awarded the Irish American Foundation Award, a Lannan Foundation Award, a Guggenheim Fellowship, The Irish Times/Aer Lingus Poetry Prize, the American Ireland Fund Literary Award, The C. K. Scott Moncreiff Translation Prize (for The Selected Poems of Philippe Jaccottet), and the Eric Gregory Award.


"The Hunt by Night".

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