1. A map of New England, featuring a portrait of Captain John Smith, from A Description of New England, or, The Observations, and Discoveries, of Captain John Smith (1616).
  2. Pocahontas.
  3. The Seal of the Virginia Company.
  4. A Spanish ambassador's drawing of James Fort circa 1609. The original fort, built in 1607, burned down in 1608 and was immediately rebuilt.
  5. A map of the most inhabited part of New England, containing the provinces of Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire, with the colonies of Connecticut and Rhode Island, divided into counties and townships; the whole composed from actual surveys and its situation adjusted by astronomical observations. Augsburg, I. M. Probst, 1777.
  6. Attributed to The Freake-Gibbs Painter, American active 1670. The Mason Children: David, Joanna, and Abigail.
  7. Seal of the Massachusetts Bay Company, 1629.
  8. Londonderry Plantation, 1622.
  9. Sketches of Irish costumes by Lucas de Heere.
  10. Rembrandt's portrait of Menasseh ben Israel.

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