The Pilgrimage of Grace

A Song for the Pilgrims of Grace

These words were probably written by a monk of St. Mary's Abbey, Sawley, Lancashire, in gratitude to the Pilgrims who had reinstated the monks in their house.


Christ crucified!
For thy wounds wide,
Us commons guide!
      Which pilgrims be,
Through God's grace,
For to purchase
Old wealth and peace
      Of the spirituality.

Great God's fame
Doth Church proclaim
Now to be lame
      And fast in bonds, >> note 1
Robbed, spoiled, and shorn
From cattle and corn,
And clean forth borne
      Of house and lands.

            * * *

Alack, alack!
For the Church sake,
Poor commons wake,
      And no marvel!
For clear it is,
The decay of this,
How the poor shall miss
      No tongue can tell.

For there they had
Both ale and bread
At time of need,
      And succor great
In all distress,
And heaviness,
      And well entreat >> note 2

In trouble and care,
Where that we were
In manner all bare
      Of our substance,
We found good bate >> note 3
At church men gate
Without checkmate
      Or variance.

God, that right all,
Redress now shall,
And that is thrall >> note 4
      Again make free,
By this voyage
And pilgrimage
Of young and sage >> note 5
      In this country,

Whom God grant grace!
And for this space
Of this their trace, >> note 6
      Send them good speed,
      With wealth, health and speed
Of sin's release,
And joy endless
      When they be dead.

Church men forever
So you remember
Both first and later
      In your memento >> note 7
These pilgrims poor,
That take such cure
To stablish sure,
      Which did undo

Crim, Cram, and Rich, >> note 8
With three "L" and the lich >> note 9
As some men teach.
      God them amend!
And that Aske may
Without delay
Here make a stay
      And well to end!

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