1. Edward VI and the Pope: An Allegory of the Reformation (circa 1568–71).
  2. Portrait of Martin Luther (1483–1546). Lucas Cranach the Elder.
  3. A woodcut by Lucas Cranach the Younger showing anti-Catholic propaganda. On the right, the corrupt pope sells indulgences to his debauched Catholic congregation, and the devil blows into a monk's ear as he preaches, while on the left, the devout Lutherans follow the "true" path to God.
  4. "The Pope as Antichrist riding the Beast of the Apocalypse." Artist unknown. From Fierie Tryall of God's Saints (1611).
  5. Frontispiece of the Great Bible (1539). Hans Holbein.
  6. The Death of Tyndale. Illustration from Foxe, Acts and Monuments (1563).
  7. The desecrated screen of St. George, Norfolk. Eamon Duffy, photographer.

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