1. Freedom
Performed by The Golden Gate Quartet.

2. Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn You Round
Performed by The Freedom Singers.

3. Strange Fruit
Performed by Billie Holiday (1939).
This chilling song of protest is performed here by Billie Holiday, for whom it became a signature piece in the late 1930s, when the movement to enact federal anti-lynching legislation (never achieved) reached a crescendo. "Strange Fruit" was written by Abel Meeropol, a white, Jewish schoolteacher and activist poet/songwriter from New York. Because of the forceful drama of Holiday's performance and because of the jazz tradition by which the improvising performer is always a kind of co-author of compositions, this song—often quoted in black literature—has become part of the African American cultural tradition. Langston Hughes and Amiri Baraka are among those who wrote poetic tributes to Holiday.

4. We Shall Overcome
Performed by Mahalia Jackson.

5. Backlash Blues
Performed by Nina Simone.

6. Four Women
Performed by Nina Simone.