1. This Little Light of Mine
Performed by James Shorty, Viola James, and Congregation (1959).
This church song provides a fascinating contrast to the more concert-oriented anthems by Robeson and the university choirs. In this case, the recording is made in a church where the foot stomping and hand clapping are part of the music's total sonic tapestry and its aim to fill the congregation with the almost physical immediacy of the Holy Spirit. While the lyrics speak of a modest determination to keep the faith, the whole experience proclaims a robust love of God and of the deeply rocking community of God's witnesses.

2. This Little Light of Mine
Performed by Marlena Smalls and the Hallelujah Singers.

3. Down by the Riverside
Performed by The Golden Gate Quartet.

4. Freedom in the Air
Performed by Bernice Johnson Reagon (1975).

5. Precious Lord
Performed by LaVern Baker.

6. Stand By Me
Performed Ben E. King.

7. Oh Lord—Stand By Me
Performed by The Original Five Blind Boys of Alabama.