1 Introduction to Macroeconomics
2 Measuring the Macroeconomy
3 An Overview of Long-Run Economic Growth
4 A Model of Production
5 The Solow Growth Model
6 Growth and Ideas
7 The Labor Market, Wages, and Unemployment
8 Inflation
9 An Overview of the Short-Run Model
10 The IS Curve
11 Monetary Policy and the Phillips Curve
12 Stabilization Policy and the AS/AD Framework
13 The Global Financial Crisis: Overview
14 The Global Financial Crisis and the Short-Run Model
15 The Government and the Macroeconomy
16 International Trade
17 Exchange Rates and International Finance
18 Parting Thoughts




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Country Snapshots

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The Country Snapshots is a new resource containing data from more than 200 countries.  Each page of the document corresponds to a different country and provides graphs of that country's key macroeconomic statistics.  The data underlying the graphs can be obtained as a spreadsheet simply by selecting a link at the top of each page. 

This file is necessary to complete exercises in the Macroeconomics text and in the Macroeconomics SmartWork course – click here to download to your computer or view online.