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Master the key terms for each chapter by working through the deck of Flashcards. You can download or print Flashcards for offline study to help you study for an exam.

How to Use Flashcards

To start, choose whether you'd like to see a term and type in the definition, or see a definition and type in the term.

Fill in your response and press FLIP FOR ANSWER to compare what you have typed.

Flashcards provide a number of functions to help you memorize:

  • SHUFFLE to mix flashcards,
  • RELOAD CARDS to restart from the beginning,
  • PRINT ALL to print all the terms, definitions, and page references for this chapter,
  • DOWNLOAD ALL to see the terms, definitions, and page references for this chapter in a CSV spreadsheet, which can be opened in Excel or other programs that support spreadsheets,

Click on the trash can button in the top right corner to skip to the next card.

If you want to change from seeing terms first to seeing definitions first (or vice versa), you can toggle between "Term First" or "Definition First."