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Genomics and Public Health

The Michigan Center for Genomics and Public Health at the University of Michigan is one of three funded nationally by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to increase the understanding and use of the human genome in public health practice.

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Active Reading Questions

  1. fiogf49gjkf0d
    Genomics relates to humans because it is the study of
    a) all elements of the human genome and their functions.
    b) how genes are expressed.
    c) how genes and disease are related.
    d) none of the above
  2. fiogf49gjkf0d
    Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are used for genetic screening for a variety of disorders. What makes this such an important technology in this field?
    a) SNPs are single nucleotide polymorphisms, or very small changes in the genome. They are used as genetic markers for a variety of genetic diseases.
    b) The Human Genome Project has allowed for the understanding and identification of hundreds of SNPs.
    c) New technologies such as DNA chips allow for quick matching to thousands of marker SNPs.
    d) All of the above.
  3. fiogf49gjkf0d
    Having the human genome sequenced and beginning to understand how the genome functions raise ethical questions about how the information should be used. What are some questions that have come to light with our increased understanding?
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