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The animations require the latest Flash 7 and Shockwave plug-ins.
8.1: Tutorial: Photosynthesis

This tutorial explores how plants and other photosynthetic organisms capture energy from sunlight and store it inside energy carriers, such as ATP and sugars, in the form of chemical bonds.

8.2: Tutorial: Catabolism

This tutorial explores how complex food molecules are broken down into useful energy.

8.1a: Process Animation: Photosynthesis: The Flow of Energy

View animation

8.1b: Process Animation: Photosynthesis: Overview of Reactions

View animation

8.1c: Process Animation: Photosynthesis: The Light Reactions

View animation

8.1d: Process Animation: Photosynthesis: Carbon Fixation Reactions

View animation

8.2a: Process Animation: Catabolism: Glycolysis

View animation

8.2b: Process Animation: Catabolism: The Citric Acid Cycle

» View animation

8.2c: Process Animation: Catabolism: Oxidative Phosphorylation

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8.2d: Process Animation: Catabolism: Aerobic versus Anaerobic Respiration

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