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Bacterial Spread All Down to Chance: Some Strains “Just the Lucky Ones”

Scientists have discovered that factors such as human immunity and drug resistance are less important to the success of bacterial spread than previously thought.

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Active Reading Questions

  1. fiogf49gjkf0d
    Infectious diseases in humans can be caused by which of the following?
    a) bacteria
    b) viruses
    c) parasites
    d) all of the above
  2. fiogf49gjkf0d
    According to the article, the spread of certain types of bacteria is due more to ____________ than to human immunity or drug resistance.
    a) chance
    b) one strain of bacteria outcompeting another
    c) people traveling
    d) the strength of the strain of bacteria
  3. fiogf49gjkf0d
    Assume you have been exposed to Streptococcus pneumonia by shaking hands with someone who is infected. Explain, in general terms, how your body will fight the infection.
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