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The animations require the latest Flash 7 and Shockwave plug-ins.
25.1: Tutorial: Neurotransmitter release

This tutorial examines the events that take place at a typical chemical synapse in the central nervous system.

25.2: Activity: How Axons Transmit Signals
ThumbnailLearn how axons transmit nerve impulses in myelinated versus unmyelinated neurons.

25.3: Activity: Neurotransmitter function

Test your understanding of the information presented in Table 25.1.

25.4: Activity: Organization of the human nervous system

Test your recall for figure 25.4 with this key figure labeling exercise.

25.5: Tutorial: Reflex arcs

This tutorial explores how a simple circuit of neurons allows us to take quick action without having to "think" about it.

25.6: Activity: The cerebral cortex

Test your recall for figure 25.8 with this key figure labeling exercise.

25.1: Process Animation: How axons transmit signals: Unmyelinated neuron

View animation

25.2: Process Animation: How axons transmit signals: Myelinated neuron

View animation

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