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Neurons in Worms That Control Link Between Stress, Eating Identified
Nature, 31 Oct. 2002

Scientists at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and the University of California, San Francisco, have shown that feeding behavior in worms is controlled by neurons that detect adverse or stressful conditions.

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Active Reading Questions

  1. fiogf49gjkf0d
    Which of the following are reasons that animals must eat?
    a) to acquire energy
    b) to acquire chemical building blocks that are not made by the animal itself
    c) to maintain homeostasis (temperature and water regulation)
    d) All of the above.
  2. fiogf49gjkf0d
    Humans often feed in groups, and eating plays a large role in human social behavior. According to the article, the nematode C. elegans also shows group feeding behavior. Why is this research of particular interest to scientists?
    a) a. The research describes what types of neurons stimulate group feeding behavior.
    b) b. The research shows how group feeding behavior is tied to environmental stimuli.
    c) c. The research may give scientist tools to deal with obesity.
    d) All of the above.
  3. fiogf49gjkf0d
    C. elegans is a model organism used to study animal genetics and physiology. Assume that C. elegans feeds in much the same way other animals do. What functions must C. elegans's digestive system carry out?
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