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13.1: Activity: The flow of genetic information in a eukaryotic cell
ThumbnailView an animated version of the processes summarized by Figure 13.2.

13.2: Activity: Protein synthesis

Test your recall for figure 13.2 with this key figure labeling exercise.

13.3: Tutorial: Transcription

This tutorial reviews the first step in protein synthesis, in which an mRNA molecule is made using the information in the DNA sequence of the gene.

13.4: Activity: Transcription overview

Test your recall for figure 13.4 with this key figure labeling exercise.

13.5: Tutorial: Removal of introns from RNA

Before the mRNA molecule produced during transcription can be used, enzymes in the nucleus must remove noncoding sequences (introns) and link the remaining coding sequences (exons) to one another. This tutorial reviews this process.

13.6: Activity: Build a protein from mRNA

Test your understanding of the information presented in Table 13.6.

13.7: Tutorial: Translation

This tutorial reviews the second major step in protein synthesis, in which a sequence of bases in mRNA are converted to a sequence of amino acids in a protein.

13.8: Tutorial: Impact of DNA mutations on protein synthesis

This tutorial covers substitution and insertion errors, and explores the effects of such mutations on transcription and translation.

13.1: Process Animation: The Flow of Genetic Information in a Eukaryotic Cell

View animation

13.2: Process Animation: Removal of Introns from RNA

View animation

13.3: Process Animation: Translation

View animation

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