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"Aging Gene" Could Be Passed on via X Chromosome
Lancet, 14 Feb. 2004

An observational study sheds more light on the theory that aging is associated with a shortening of chromosomes in somatic (nonreproductive) cells. Results of the study suggest that the gene responsible for telomere shortening is inherited via the X chromosome.

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Active Reading Questions

  1. fiogf49gjkf0d
    Chromosomes associated with the determination of sex are called _____________; whereas chromosomes not associated with the determination of sex are called
    a) sexosomes; autosomes
    b) sex chromosomes; plain chromosomes
    c) sex chromosomes; autosomes
    d) sexosomes; somosomes
  2. fiogf49gjkf0d
    Assume a mother carries one allele for shortened telomeres on her X chromosome. She marries a man with a normal telomere gene. Which of the following best represents the phenotype(s) of their potential children?
    a) All of the female offspring will have normal telomeres.
    b) 50% of the male offspring will have shortened telomeres.
    c) 50% of the male offspring will have normal telomeres.
    d) All of the above.
  3. fiogf49gjkf0d
    Explain how researchers suspected that the gene for telomere length was sex linked.
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