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The animations require the latest Flash 7 and Shockwave plug-ins.
10.1: Activity: Chromosomes and cells

View a dynamic version of figure 10.2.

10.2: Activity: Genetics terminology

Review the basic genetics terminology presented in table 10.1.

10.3: Activity: Independent assortment

Review the law of independent assortment, and then test Mendel's rule by placing the appropriate pea in the Punnett square provided at the end of the activity.

10.4: Activity: Linked inheritance versus independent assortment

Test your recall for figure 10.8 with this key figure labeling exercise.

10.5: Activity: Principles of probability

Test your understanding of the principles of probability with this interactive coin-toss exercise.

10.1: Process Animation: Chromosomes and Cells

View animation

10.2: Process Animation: The Punnett Square Method

View animation

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