The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past
The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past
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Welcome to The Human Past - Student Study Guide Website Introduction

Welcome to the Student Website that accompanies the second edition of The Human Past, edited by Chris Scarre. The quizzes, key concepts, outlines, and links have been written and compiled by Professor Tina Thurston of the University of Buffalo and Donna Yates of the University of Cambridge. The site has been created to help you understand and study this groundbreaking introductory world prehistory textbook. You can navigate the site using the toolbar on the left by selecting one of the features of the Study Guide. You can also select individual chapters by number with the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Features of the Study Guide:

  Summaries and Key Concepts: The summary of each chapter begins with the key learning objectives for the chapter followed by a summary to help you remember key points. This is followed by a list of box features in the chapter followed by an outline of Key Words and Terms, which highlights the essential themes and facts that you should know and understand in each chapter.

  Practice Quizzes: Here you will find approximately 35 multiple-choice questions for each chapter. After you have read the chapter, try to answer 10 to 15 of the questions. If it appears you need to review the material again, you can use the remaining questions to see if your understanding of the chapter has improved. With each answer, the number of the relevant page in your textbook is given.

  Flash Cards: Key word and terms are provided on flash cards, organized by chapter, to help you review the material. Page numbers refer you to the relevant page of your textbook.

  Links: Here is an annotated resource of online information, organized chapter by chapter.

  Glossary: Provided as an alphabetical list

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