The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past
The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past
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sagittal crest bony ridge running along the top midline of the cranium

Sahul Land the continuous landmass formed by Australia and New Guinea in periods of low sea level

salgado brackish water shell mound of the lower Amazon

sambaqui shell mound common along the Atlantic coast of Amazonia

scapula (pl. scapulae) shoulder blade

seal stone object carved with a design that was impressed into a lump of clay to form a sealing; the design might be carved into the flattened surface of the stone (a stamp seal) or around the surface of a cylindrical stone (a cylinder seal)

sealing lump of clay impressed with a seal, used for administrative purposes to seal jars, documents, and other objects

sedentism a residence pattern of permanent, year-round settlement

sexual dimorphism difference in size between male and female of a species

Shi Ji "Records of the Grand Historian," a history of early Chinese states by Sima Qian

Shu Jing "Book of History," an early Chinese history edited by Confucius

sigloi Persian bent bar coins

skraelings Norse name for the people of the eastern North American arctic regions, from the coasts of Greenland and Labrador south to Newfoundland

species distinct populations of plants or animals that can and do interbreed and produce fertile offspring

state a society of high population and complexity, in which centralized and institutionalized control overrides kinship ties, and in which wealth and rank hierarchies are protected and fostered

stela (pl. stelae) freestanding carved stone monument

stoa Greek long, shallow building open on one long side, fronted by a colonnade

strangulated blade one in which the mid-region has been thinned to provide two concave edges, forming a "waist"

stratigraphy the successive deposition of superimposed layers of either natural or cultural material

stupa domed building often containing Buddhist relics

subduction the process of one part of the earth's crust moving beneath another along plate boundaries, resulting in chains of volcanoes and parallel formations of uplifted sedimentary rock

Sundaland the continuous landmass formed by island Indonesia and Borneo during periods of low sea level

sutra Buddhist text

swidden land made cultivable by cutting and/or burning off the vegetative cover

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