The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past
The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past
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mandible lower jawbone

marai Polynesian shrine/temple platforms

Mata Atlantica the Atlantic rainforest of coastal Brazil

maxilla (pl. maxillae) upper jawbone

megaron the central unit of a Mycenaean palace, composed of a linear arrangement of three rooms: porch, anteroom, and interior room with a hearth and throne

member stratigraphic unit comprising several beds related spatially and in terms of their rock type

menhir single standing stone found in Neolithic and Bronze Age Europe, sometimes decorated

mesa a high, flat-topped hill

metope square panel, often sculpted, that alternated with the triglyph to form a frieze that decorated buildings of the Greek Doric order

microliths small, standardized stone flakes, originally set into composite tools or weapons

midden a concentration of cultural debris; in places where fishing is a primary subsistence strategy, they are often made up primarily of shell

Middle Range Theory conceptual framework linking raw archaeological data with higher-level generalizations and conclusions about the past that can be derived from this evidence

mitochondrial DNA genetic instructions inherited through the maternal line

moai massive stone statues characteristic of Easter Island

mobiliary art portable art produced during the Upper Paleolithic

monocephaly having only a single flower

montane mountain-dwelling

morphology physical structure or form

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