The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past
The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past
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ge Chinese ceremonial jade halberd, an axe-like weapon

gender archaeology an approach emphasizing in particular the role of females in past societies, arising out of feminist critiques of male-dominated science

gene flow the introduction of new genes into regional populations

genome complete genetic component of a cell; nuclear DNA and mitochondrial DNA each comprise a single genome

genotype a complete set of genes possessed by an individual

genus group of closely related species

geomorphology study of the development of land forms

GIS Geographical Information Systems

glacial period an Ice Age

glottochronology statistical study of vocabulary to determine the degree of relationship between particular languages, and the chronology of their independent development

glume the sterile bract, hull, or husk that encloses the grain of grasses such as rice

GPS Global Positioning System

gradualism model of human evolution in which major changes are the result of a slow and steady accumulation of small changes

gui Chinese bronze vessel in the form of a low-footed bowl

Guiana shield the vast rainforest between the mouth of the Orinoco and the Amazon

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