The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past
The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past
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backing the deliberate blunting of a stone tool by means of steeply-angled removals, presumably to facilitate insertion into a haft

baetyl sacred stone

Bamboo Annals a history of China up to 298 BC

band small group of 25-60 individuals related through marriage or family ties; typically mobile hunter-gatherer groups

basilica large rectangular columned hall used as a law court during the Roman empire

bed stratigraphic unit

biface flat cobble flaked over both surfaces to produce a sharp edge around the entire periphery; also called a hand axe

bipedal walking on two legs

bipolar technique the production of flakes by resting the core on an anvil and splitting it with a hammerstone

Bodhisattva follower of the Buddha who chooses not to attain nirvana, but to stay on earth and help others

bola stones two or more stones strung together and thrown so as to entangle an animal; used in Archaic Central and South America

braincase the part of the skull that encases the brain

breccia type of rock formed of sediments and small rocks cemented together

burin stone flake or blade with chisel-like edges

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