The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past
The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past The Human Past
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achene seed surrounded by hard, dry fruit coat, or shell

adaptive radiation in which a set of related species radiate and branch out to occupy and adapt to a range of diverse environmental niches

adobe dried mud, often mixed with straw to form mud-bricks

aeolian dust wind-borne deposits

agency theory approach to the study of past societies in reference to the individuals operating within them as agents of change

agora ancient Greek marketplace and city center

agropastoralism the combined activity of farming and animal herding

ahu stone platforms on which moai were erected (Easter Island)

alleles variants of a gene

altiplano high altitude grasslands in the central Andes

amphitheater oval or roughly circular arena surrounded by seating, in which wild animal or gladiatorial contests were held during the Roman Republic and Empire

amphora (pl. amphorae) large Classical vase-form, used for carrying water or wine and other commodities

AMS radiocarbon dating accelerator mass spectrometer dating, a highly accurate form of radiocarbon dating

anthropology the study of humanity, commonly subdivided into cultural, biological, and linguistic anthropology, and archaeology

arboreal tree-dwelling

archaeology a subdiscipline of anthropology involving the study of the human past through its material remains

archaeomagnetic dating see paleomagnetic dating

arroyo rocky ravine or dry watercourse

artifact any portable object made, used, or modified by humans

assemblage a group of artifacts recurring together at a particular time and place, representing the sum of human activities in that respect

atlatl spearthrower

aurochs Paleolithic species of wild bovine

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