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Re^2: You may recall that Jack wanted a house overlooking the sea...

The Last of the True French Short Bastards

On Thu May 18, A-Polly wrote
>It's beautiful — congratulations!  When should we show up for the forum housewarming?

>...and if I may be so bold (and nosy) to ask, what steered you toward Gotland?

Thank you! The housewarming will be in about three weeks.

I'm a senior lecturer at the Uppsala University Campus Gotland. My appointment there is part-time, but I'm planning to increase my contribution from about 50% to 66%. We got tired of paying exorbitant rents and decided to buy a place that we could rent out ourselves in the summers. Gotland is sort of the Hawaii of Sweden, a hugely popular tourist destination, and just about everyone on the island who owns real estate rents it out to visitors if they can.

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