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Re^2: You may recall that Jack wanted a house overlooking the sea...

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On Wed May 17, Bob Bridges wrote
>I'm interested by the contrast between the appearance of the two sides of the house: so plain facing the road, so attractive—so beautiful—facing the sea.  The opposite of what I instinctively expect, assuming that the road side is the "front" of the house.

>That's a lot of glass; I wish you may not have too much trouble heating the place in the winter.

>Sure is beautiful.

Thank you. The original house consisted of a tiny little cottage with only three rooms: a kitchen, a small nook for eating in, and an adjacent bedroom. No bathroom. Even to this day a number of Swedish summer houses only have an outhouse ("a jakes, or privy?"). Since then it has been expanded considerably, adding the living room, upstairs, glassed-in "veranda" (the former porch), and bathroom. The deck is also new.

It's all triple-glazed with argon in between the panes. The heating is done by a heat pump, electric oil-filled radiators, underfloor heating (popular in Sweden), and the two stoves, one of which heat-recapturing. A lot of firewood comes with the property. We'll have to see about what it's like in winter, but I'm fairly confident. If not, we'll supplement with little electric floor fan heaters.

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