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Anne Chotzinoff Grossman and Lisa Grossman Thomas are a mother-and-daughter team of passionate small-boat sailors, gardeners and cooks.

ACG, the daughter of musician, writer and critic Samuel Chotzinoff and of Pauline Heifetz Chotzinoff (sister of Jascha Heifetz), is a writer and musician whose collaborations with other authors include the playwright S.N. Behrman's People in a Diary, Irene Selznick's A Private View, and Kitty Carlisle Hart's Kitty. ACG's translations of many operas and hundreds of lieder are performed all over the world. A former stage manager, she was also for several years assistant producer of the NBC TV Opera.

LGT, the daughter of conductor Herbert Grossman and of Anne Chotzinoff Grossman, has survived several overlapping careers in the arts—as director, stage manager, electrician, actress, lighting designer, accompanist, vocal coach, and piano teacher. She now owns and operates Gordian Knot Services, a small computer consulting company in New York City. Much of her present work involves programming in—what else?— Clipper and C.

Both ACG and LGT are multilingual, speaking French, German, and Italian with varying degrees of fluency. On occasion, they have been known to play duets at the piano, though they have not yet attempted the Hummel adagio. Both live on Long Island - about two hours apart by sailboat, allowing for variations in wind and tide. Like Patrick O'Brian's characters, they are forever preparing food, eating it, contemplating the next meal....

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