Apply it! Exercises

Why Are Boss Egos Expanding? Study Explains
Lynn Taylor
1. How could the research described in the chapter about how power influences an individual’s behavior explain the petty, childish, and "self-oriented" focus of a bad boss?
2. Considering the information in the chapter about both high- and low-power behavior. Do you think the article is offering good advice for low-power employees?
Just Another Juror?
David Rohde
3. Is it really possible for former Mayor Rudy Guiliani to have been "just another juror"? Provide a social psychological analysis of the influence Guiliani’s mayoral status may have had on his role as jury foreman.
4. Do you think we can trust the jurors’ own reports that they were not unduly swayed by Guiliani? Why or why not?
Aggressive driving can have tragic consequences.
5. The video is humorous, but actual aggressive driving can have tragic consequences. Explain more broadly how situational factors like traffic, stress, and anonymity can lead to antisocial behavior on the roads.
How could the same processes involved in aggressive driving also explain antisocial behavior like expressing slurs, insults, and other sorts of verbal aggression when interacting with others on the Internet?

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