Critical Thinking Questions

In your own words, explain what a group is and why humans have a predisposition toward living in groups.
2. Social facilitation research suggests that the presence of other people sometimes makes us perform better and sometimes makes us perform worse. Discuss the research that resolved this contradiction, and explain the role of mere presence and evaluation apprehension.
3. Explain the approach/inhibition theory of power and discuss the research findings explaining the typical behaviors of those high in power.
4. Explain the antecedents and consequences of deindividuation. How does deindividuation explain suicide baiting and Diener, Fraser, Beaman, and Kelem’s (1976) "Halloween study" results?
5. Using your own words, explain self-awareness theory and discuss one study that illustrates the theory.
6. Groupthink and group polarization are influences that often cause groups to reach different solutions to a problem than individuals. Explain each concept and discuss the antecedent conditions that are thought to lead to each one.

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