Apply it! Exercises

Implicit Associations? Shoot!

Anthony Greenwald and Mazarin Banaji have made the Implicit Association Test (IAT) available on the Web for anyone to try—and you should try it. Web versions of the IAT are available to assess your implicit prejudice toward blacks and whites, young and old, men and women, and more. Take the Race (black-white) IAT.
1. What are your reactions to the test itself and to your score?
Shooter Effect

Shoot people with guns (L), and holster your gun for innocents (A). It takes a while for the pictures to load, and be sure to read the instructions before starting. The test provides you with feedback on accuracy and speed at the end.
2. How did your performance on this test relate to your score on the Race (Black-White) IAT? Conceptually, what do implicit attitudes have to do with performance on this weapons test?
""America Is Run Primarily by White Christian Men""
Media Matters for America
3. Bill O’Reilly is a controversial radio and television talk show host. He is a white Christian male. Use the information in the textbook about the economic perspective on prejudice to analyze Bill O’Reilly’s position on immigration discussed in the blog post.
Could social identity theory, ingroup favoritism, and derogating outgroups to boost self-esteem play a role in Bill O’Reilly’s perceptions of threats against the white Christian male power structure?
Gangs, Tuberculosis, and Leprosy, Oh My!
"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"
5. Faux reporter John Hodgman asserts that "all Mexicans are lepers." Is that statement an example of a stereotype, prejudice, or discrimination? Explain your answer. Is it an example of old-fashioned, modern, or benevolent racism? Explain your answer.
6. Although John Hodgman’s report was satirical, he included clips of news personalities genuinely asserting that most immigrants suffer from tuberculosis and leprosy, and engage in gang violence. Explain how the construal processes and biased assessments may have led to these outrageous claims.

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