Critical Thinking Questions

1. Define and distinguish stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination. Also, explain the way in which modern racism differs from blatant racism.
2. Define benevolent sexism and hostile sexism and distinguish between them.
3. Review the basic logic of the IAT and priming techniques to measure prejudice, and explain why these techniques are often preferable to self-report measures.
4. Define realistic conflict theory and describe the way in which the Robbers Cave experiment illustrates this theory. Be sure to describe the role of superordinate goals in reducing prejudice.
5. Describe at least two different ways in which we are motivated to show prejudice or to discriminate. Provide empirical studies illustrating each point.
What is the central message of the cognitive perspective on stereotyping? In what ways do stereotypes influence our construals?
7. Distinguish between automatic and controlled processing, and present research studies that illustrate the significance of this distinction for stereotyping.
Describe attributional ambiguity and stereotype threat, while referring to at least one study that illustrates each concept.

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