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Just Me and My Friend, Sony
The Situationist Staff
1. Using information from your textbook, evaluate the claim made in the article that illusionary relationships can meet a human being’s need to belong and help avoid the costs of exclusion.
Jim and Pam

On the television show The Office, one of the most popular story lines extended across multiple seasons involves the character Pam, the office’s secretary, and Jim, a salesman. The two have desks facing across from each other and find that they have similar reactions to how the other characters on the show behave. Across multiple seasons they flirt, fall in love, and ultimately marry. The Pam and Jim romance inspired a number of YouTube users to create videos of their story.
2. Discuss in detail the role that similarity and proximity may have had in causing Jim and Pam to be attracted to one another.
Fox Business Network: Full of Foxes!
3. As with many television stars, the actress who plays Pam is quite attractive, although they deliberately downplay that attractiveness on the show. Even news programs feature beautiful and handsome anchors and reporters. What advantages would there be to having an attractive news reporter?
McDonald’s and Mere Exposure
Jonah Lehrer
4. Discuss the role of fluency and classical conditioning on the good opinions kids have of McDonald’s restaurants.
Romeo + Juliet
Lynn Taylor
5. Do Romeo and Juliet experience love as defined by Sternberg’s triangular theory of love?
6. Imagine that Romeo and Juliet hadn't ended up dead at the end of the play. Analyze the chances of their romantic success using Caryl Rusbult's investment model of romantic satisfaction.

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