Critical Thinking Questions

1. Explain the need to belong and discuss the physical and emotional consequences of social rejection.
Explain the logic of attachment theory, describe the three basic attachment styles, and discuss the research supporting the existence and influence of attachment styles.
3. Characterize exchange versus communal relationships by summarizing some of the research findings.
In your own words, define proximity, describe one empirical study that supports its influence, and explain why it exerts such a powerful influence on interpersonal attraction.
5. Describe one empirical study that suggests that similarity influences interpersonal attraction and discuss reasons why similarity breeds liking.
6. Provide several examples of empirical evidence that support the notion that physical attractiveness is an important predictor of interpersonal attraction. What is the evolutionary argument for why men and women find different traits attractive? To what extent does the evidence support this argument?
7. Compare and contrast reward theory, social exchange theory, and equity theory.
8. Describe Sternberg’s triangular theory of love and Rusbult’s investment model of interpersonal relationships. Discuss research findings supporting Rusbult’s theory.
9. What four behaviors have Gottman and Levenson identified as being most damaging to relationships? What advice does social psychological research offer for improving one’s romantic relationships?

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