Chapter Outline

From Acts to Dispositions: Inferring the Causes of Behavior

  • The Pervasiveness and Importance of Causal Attribution
  • Explanatory Style and Attribution

The Processes of Causal Attribution

  • Attribution and Covariation
  • Attribution and Imagining Alternative Actors and Outcomes

Errors and Biases in Attribution

  • The Self-Serving Attributional Bias
  • The Fundamental Attribution Error
  • Causes of the Fundamental Attribution Error
  • The Actor-Observer Difference in Causal Attributions

Culture and Causal Attribution

  • Cultural Differences in Attending to Context
  • Causal Attribution for Independent and Interdependent Peoples
  • Culture and the Fundamental Attribution Error
  • Priming Culture
  • Social Class and Attribution
  • Dispositions: Fixed or Flexible?

Beyond the Internal/External Dimension