Apply it! Exercises

Dressing for Success? The White Coat Dilemma
Jennifer Gibson
What explanatory styles are represented in the debate surrounding the attribution of white coats in the medical community?
2. Who would you say are the favorite and least-liked reality TV stars in recent times? What would you say are their "attributional styles"? Does there appear to be any relationship between attributional style and popularity?
To Forgive, Correct the Fundamental Attribution Error
Pavel Somov
3. How is the tendency to forgive dependent on a person’s explanatory style?
4. Think about how you got to where you are now and how you became who you are now by virtue of your personal characteristics, traits, and decisions. Now, think about a situational description of your life—that is, how you got to where and who you are by virtue of the intervention of others. Are they equally compelling? What does this tell you about the causes of human behavior?

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