Apply it! Exercises

Working out for Health, not for Beauty
1. What might be the dangers of having an unattainable ideal self?
2. If a person wanted to begin and stick with an exercise program, which would be better: a promotion focus or prevention focus? Why? Would different underlying motivations to exercise change your answer?
Is Santa Claus 'retrosexual'?
Matthew Hall
What types of construals, self-presentational desires, or other situational factors could help determine whether a man is a "metrosexual" or a "retrosexual" (or neither)?
A Metrosexual Christmas
Matthew Hall
4. In what ways might "metrosexuality" conflict with an understanding of masculinity as influenced by evolution?
Is Optimism Undermining American?
Christopher Peterson
5. What types of positive illusions do well-adjusted and happy people have about themselves?
6. Research in social psychology suggests that optimism is very beneficial to our health, well-being and happiness. On the other hand, research also suggests that many of us who are happy might be deluding ourselves in a number of ways. Self-illusions seem to be good for an individual's well-being, but are they good for American society?

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