Critical Thinking Questions

1. Define the self-concept and discuss the ways in which it is shaped by biology, siblings, culture, gender, and the immediate context.
2. Explain the ways in which knowledge about the self organizes other cognitive information and motivates behavior. Discuss the ways in which the self influences our judgments of others. Describe the sorts of illusions people may have about the self, why they have them, and describe evidence supporting and refuting the utility of these illusions.
3. Define trait and state self-esteem and explain the logic of contingencies of self-worth theory and the sociometer hypothesis. Describe the ways and reasons people evaluate themselves, and explain the dangers of fragile, inflated egotism. Discuss the differences in how people in Western and Eastern cultures value self-esteem.
4. Define self-presentation and impression management. More specifically, describe the characteristics of a high self-monitor. Define self-handicapping, and explain the purpose of such self-defeating behavior. Discuss how concerns about self-presentation can affect the way we communicate with other people.

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