Apply it! Exercises

Proverbs vs. Science
Consider the proverb, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder."
How could a social psychologist conduct correlational research, using a survey, to investigate the validity of this proverb?
How could a social psychologist conduct an experiment to investigate the validity of this proverb?
Journalists as Social Psychologists & Social Psychologists as Entertainers
The Situationist Staff

A social psychologist once said that she was envious of television shows like "Candid Camera" or "Punk'd," and of studies conducted by journalists. She was envious because the television shows or journalists could often get away with behavior that a social psychologist conducting an ethically-approved study never could.
What ethical obligations do television shows and journalists have when creating situations to probe human behavior? How do these compare to the ethical obligations of a social psychologist?
Do you think social psychologists should be held to a higher standard than television shows or journalists? Why or why not?
Recession Causes Increase in Teen Dating Violence
By Liz Sintay and Imaeyen Ibanga
The prevalence of abuse in teenage dating relationships is a serious and tragic issue. ABC News suggests with its headline, "Recession Causes Increase in Teen Dating Violence," that there is a link between the recession and a recent increase in abuse in teenage dating relationships. Evaluate this causal claim on the basis of the information provided in the article.
The actual study results did find that 74 percent of "all teens surveyed reported that their families have experienced economic problems in the last year." Read through the entire research report and evaluate the conclusion that economic problems are related to teen dating violence.

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