Chapter Outline

  1. Global Integration
  2. Removing Obstacles to Globalization
    1. Ending the Cold War
    2. Africa and the End of White Rule
      1. Tidal Pull of the West: East Germany Disappears
  3. Unleashing Globalization
    1. Finance and Trade
    2. Migration
    3. Culture
    4. Communications
  4. Characteristics of the New Global Order
    1. The Demography of Globalization
      1. Globalization: One World or Many?
      2. Education and Inequality: Why Gender Matters
    2. Production and Consumption in the Global Economy
  5. Citizenship in the Global World
    1. Supranational Organizations
    2. Violence
    3. Religious Foundations of Politics
    4. Acceptance of and Resistance to Democracy
      1. Indigenous People in Mexico Speak Out
  6. Conclusion
  7. Tracing the Global Storylines