Chapter Outline

  1. Competing Blocs
  2. World War II and Its Aftermath
    1. The War in Europe
      1. World War II Casualties
    2. The Pacific War
  3. The Beginning of the Cold War
    1. Rebuilding Europe
    2. War in The Nuclear Age: The Korean War
  4. Decolonization
    1. The Chinese Revolution
    2. Negotiated Independence in India and Africa
      1. Mao Zedong on “New Democracy”
      2. Nehru on Building a Modern Nation
    3. Violent and Incomplete Decolonizations
      1. Senghor’s View of Political Independence
  5. Three Worlds
    1. The First World
    2. The Second World
    3. The Third World
  6. Tensions in the Three-World Order
    1. Tensions in the First World
      1. Betty Friedan on “The Problem That Has No Name”
    2. Tensions in World Communism
    3. Tensions in the Third World
  7. Conclusion
  8. Tracing the Global Storylines