Chapter Outline

  1. The Quest for the Modern
  2. The Great War
    1. The Fighting
    2. The Peace Settlement and the Impact of the War
      1. Measuring Casualties in World War I
  3. Mass Society: Culture, Production, and Consumption
    1. Mass Culture
    2. Mass Production and Mass Consumption
  4. Mass Politics: Competing Visions for Building Modern States
    1. Bruce Barton’s Gospel of Mass Production
    2. Liberal Democracy under Pressure
    3. Authoritarianism and Mass Mobilization
      1. Cult of the Dynamic Leader
    4. The Hybrid Nature of Latin American Corporatism
    5. Anticolonial Visions of Modern Life
      1. Facing Mount Kenya
      2. India and Self-Government
  5. Conclusion
  6. Tracing the Global Storylines