Chapter Outline

  1. Progress, Upheaval, and Movement
    1. Peoples in Motion
      1. Migration and the Origin of Border Control Policies
  2. Discontent with Imperialism
    1. Unrest in Africa
    2. The Boxer Uprising in China
  3. Worldwide Insecurities
    1. Imperial Rivalries at Home
    2. The “Woman Question”
    3. Class Conflict in a New Key
      1. A Chinese Feminist Condemns Injustices to Women
      2. Industrialization and Women’s Freedom in Egypt
  4. Cultural Modernism
    1. Popular Culture Comes of Age
    2. Modernism in European Culture
    3. Cultural Modernism in China
  5. Rethinking Race and Reimagining Nations
    1. Nation and Race in North America and Europe
    2. Race-Mixing and the Problem of Nationhood in Latin America
    3. Sun Yat-sen and the Making of a Chinese Nation
    4. Nationalism and Invented Traditions in India
    5. The Pan Movements
      1. A Muslim Philosopher Describes Why Islam has become Weak
      2. A Pan-German Leader Rails against the Rising Power of the Slavs and the Jews in the Austro-Hungarian Empire
  6. Conclusion
  7. Tracing the Global Storylines