Chapter Outline

  1. Consolidating Nations and Constructing Empires
    1. Building Nationalism
    2. Expanding the Empires
  2. Expansion and Nation Building in the Americas
    1. The United States
      1. Manifest Destiny
    2. Canada
    3. Latin America
  3. Consolidation of Nation-States in Europe
    1. Defining “The Nation”
    2. Unification in Germany and Italy
      1. What Is a Nation?
    3. Nation Building and Ethnic Conflict in the Austro-Hungarian Empire
    4. Domestic Discontents in France and Britain
  4. Industry, Science, and Technology
    1. New Materials, Technologies, and Business Practices
    2. Integration of the World Economy
  5. Global Expansionism and an Age of Imperialism
    1. India and the Imperial Model
      1. The Origin of Species
    2. Dutch Colonial Rule in Indonesia
    3. Colonizing Africa
    4. The American Empire
      1. Imperialism and the African Trade Revolution
    5. Imperialism and Culture
  6. Pressures of Expansion in Japan, Russia, and China
    1. Japan’s Transformation and Expansion
    2. Russian Transformation and Expansion
      1. Two Faces of Empire
    3. China under Pressure
  7. Conclusion
  8. Tracing the Global Storylines