Chapter Outline

  1. Revolutionary Transformations and New Languages of Freedom
  2. Political Reorderings
    1. The North American War of Independence, 1776–1783
      1. The Other Revolution of 1776
    2. The French Revolution, 1789–1799
    3. Napoleon’s Empire, 1799–1815
      1. Mary Wollstonecraft on the Rights of Women
    4. Revolutions in the Caribbean and Iberian America
  3. Change and Trade in Africa
    1. Abolition of the Slave Trade
    2. New Trade with Africa
      1. Frederick Douglass Asks, “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?”
  4. Economic Reordering
    1. An Industrious Revolution
    2. The Industrial Revolution
    3. Working and Living
      1. Town and Countryside, Core and Periphery in the Nineteenth Century
  5. Persistence and Change in Afro-Eurasia
    1. Revamping the Russian Monarchy
    2. Reforming Egypt and the Ottoman Empire
      1. An Egyptian Intellectual’s Reaction to the French Occupation of Egypt
    3. Colonial Reordering in India
    4. Persistence of the Qing Empire
      1. James Mill on Indian Tradition
  6. Conclusion
  7. Tracing the Global Storylines