Chapter Outline

  1. Trade and Culture
  2. Culture in the Islamic World
    1. The Ottoman Cultural Synthesis
    2. Safavid Culture
    3. Power and Culture under the Mughals
      1. Islamic Views of the World
  3. Culture and Politics in East Asia
    1. China: The Challenge of Expansion and Diversity
      1. Chinese Views of the World
    2. Cultural Identity and Tokugawa Japan
  4. The Enlightenment in Europe
    1. Origins of the Enlightenment
    2. The New Science
      1. European Views of the World
    3. Enlightenment Thinkers
      1. How Can We Measure the Impact of an Idea?
  5. African Cultural Flourishing
    1. The Asante, Oyo, and Benin Cultural Traditions
  6. Hybrid Cultures in the Americas
    1. Spiritual Encounters
    2. Making Americans
  7. The Making of a Neo-European Culture in Oceania
    1. The Scientific Voyages of Captain Cook
    2. The Enlightenment and the Origins of Racial Thought
  8. Conclusion
  9. Tracing the Global Storylines