Chapter Outline

  1. Economic and Political Effects of Global Commerce
    1. Extracting Wealth: Mercantilism
  2. Exchanges and Expansions in North America
    1. The Principles of Mercantilism
      1. The Plantation Complex in the Caribbean
  3. The Slave Trade and Africa
    1. Capturing and Shipping Slaves
      1. Olaudah Equiano on the Atlantic Crossing
    2. Slavery’s Gender Imbalance
    3. Africa’s New Slave-Supplying Polities
      1. The Atlantic Trade in Slaves from Africa (1501–1900)
  4. Asia in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
    1. The Dutch in Southeast Asia
    2. Transformations in Islam
    3. From Ming to Qing in China
      1. Huang Liuhong on Eliminating Authorized Silversmiths
    4. Tokugawa Japan
  5. Transformations in Europe
    1. Expansion and Dynastic Change in Russia
    2. Economic and Political Fluctuations in Western Europe
  6. Conclusion
  7. Tracing the Global Storylines