Chapter Outline

  1. The Old Trade and the New
    1. The Revival of the Chinese Economy
    2. The Revival of Indian Ocean Trade
    3. c. Overland Commerce and Ottoman Expansion
  2. European Exploration and Expansion
    1. The Portuguese in Africa and Asia
      1. Portuguese Views of the Chinese
  3. The Atlantic World
    1. Westward Voyages of Columbus
    2. First Encounters
    3. First Conquests
    4. The Aztec Empire and the Spanish Conquest
      1. Cortés Approaches Tenochtitlán
    5. The Incas
    6. Environmental Consequences of the Conquest
      1. The European Conquest of the Americas and Amerindian Mortality
    7. Spain’s Tributary Empire
    8. Silver
  4. Portugal’s New World Colony
    1. Coastal Enclaves
      1. Silver, the Devil, and Coca Leaf in the Andes
    2. Sugar Plantations
    3. Beginnings of the Transatlantic Slave Trade
  5. The Transformation of Europe
    1. The Habsburgs and the Quest for Universal Empire in Europe
    2. Conflict in Europe and the Demise of Universal Empire
    3. The Reformation
    4. Religious Warfare in Europe
  6. Prosperity in Asia
    1. Mughal India and Commerce
    2. Prosperity in Ming China
    3. Asian Relations with Europe
      1. Commentary on Foreigners from a Ming Official
  7. Conclusion
  8. Tracing the Global Storylines