Chapter Outline

  1. The Origins and Spread of Islam
    1. A Vision, a Text
    2. The Move to Medina
    3. Conquests
      1. The Quran: Two Suras in Praise of God
    4. An Empire of Arabs
    5. The Abbasid Revolution
    6. The Blossoming of Abbasid Culture
    7. Islam in a Wider World
    8. Opposition within Islam, Shiism, and the Rise of the Fatimids
      1. Ghana as Seen by a Muslim Observer in the Eleventh Century
  2. The Tang State
    1. Territorial Expansion under the Tang Dynasty
    2. The Army and Imperial Campaigning
    3. Organizing an Empire
      1. The Pressures of Maintaining Empire by Examination
    4. An Economic Revolution
    5. Accommodating World Religions
      1. Islam and the Silk Trade: Adapting Religion to Opulence
    6. The Fall of Tang China
  3. Early Korea and Japan
    1. Early Korea
    2. Early Japan
    3. The Yamato Emperor and the Shinto Origins of the Japanese Sacred Identity
  4. The Christian West
    1. Charlemagne’s Fledgling Empire
    2. A Christianity of the North
      1. Christendom on the Edge: A View of Empire in Ireland
    3. The Age of the Vikings
    4. The Survival of the Christian Empire of the East
  5. Conclusion
  6. Tracing the Global Storylines