Chapter Outline

  1. Universal Religions and Common Cultures
  2. Empires and Religious Change in Western Afro-Eurasia
    1. The Rise and Spread of Christianity
    2. The Christian Empire
    3. The Fall of Rome: A Takeover from the Margins
      1. Eusebius: In Praise of “One Unity and Concord”
    4. Byzantium, Rome in the East: The Rise of Constantinople
    5. Sasanian Persia
  3. The Silk Road
    1. The Sogdians as Lords of the Silk Road
    2. Buddhism on the Silk Road
      1. A Letter from a Sogdian Merchant Chief
  4. Political and Religious Change in South Asia
    1. The Transformation of the Buddha
      1. The Laws of Manu: Castes and Occupations
    2. The Hindu Transformation
    3. Culture and Ideology Instead of an Empire
  5. Political and Religious Change in East Asia
    1. Northern and Southern China
    2. Buddhism in China
      1. The Art of Religious Fervor in China: The Pagoda
      2. One God, Two Communities: Comparing the Structures of Christianity and Judaism, 600 CE
  6. Faith and Cultures in the Worlds Apart
    1. Bantus of Sub-Saharan Africa
      1. Instructions to a Young Man in West Africa
    2. Mesoamericans
  7. Conclusion
  8. Tracing the Global Storylines