Chapter Outline

  1. China and Rome: How Empires Are Built
    1. Empire and Cultural Identity
    2. Patterns of Imperial Expansion
  2. The Qin Dynasty as a Crucial Forerunner
    1. Administration and Control
    2. Economic and Social Changes
      1. A Qin Legal Document: Memorial on the Burning of Books
    3. Nomads and the Qin along the Northern Frontier
    4. The Qin Debacle
  3. The Han Dynasty
    1. Foundations of Han Power
    2. Jia Yi on “The Faults of the Qin
    3. The New Social Order and the Economy
      1. Han Legal Philosophy from Dong Zhongshu
      2. Dong Zhongshu on Responsibilities of Han Rulership
    4. Expansion of the Empire and the Silk Road
    5. Social Convulsions, a Usurper, and the Later Han Dynasty
    6. Natural Disaster and Rebellion
    7. The Later Han Dynasty
  4. The Roman Empire
    1. Foundations of the Roman Empire
    2. Emperors, Authoritarian Rule, and Administration
    3. Town and City Life
    4. Social and Gender Relations
      1. Municipal Charter of a Roman Town
    5. Economy and New Scales of Production
    6. Religious Cults and the Rise of Christianity
      1. Birthday Invitation of Claudia Severa
      2. Great Empires Compared: The Han, the Roman, and the British Empire after World War I
    7. The Limits of Empire
      1. Cicero on the Role of the Roman State
  5. Conclusion
  6. Tracing the Global Storylines