Chapter Outline

  1. Nomadic Movement and the Emergence of Territorial States
    1. Nomadic and Transhumant Migrations
    2. The Emergence of Territorial States
  2. The Rise of Territorial States in Egypt and Southwest Asia
    1. Egypt
    2. Anatolia and the Rise of the Hittites
    3. Mesopotamia
      1. The Epic of Gilgamesh
      2. Climate Change and the Collapse of Riverine Societies
    4. The Community of Major Powers (1400–1200 BCE)
      1. Vedic Hymns to the Chariot Race of the Gods
  3. Nomads and the Indus River Valley
  4. Rise of the Shang State (1600–1045 BCE)
    1. State Formation
      1. Sima Qian on the Ruler’s Mandate from Heaven to Rule
    2. Agriculture and Tribute
    3. Shang Society and Beliefs
      1. The Oracle Bone
  5. The South Pacific (2500 BCE–400 CE)
    1. Seafaring Skills
    2. Environment and Culture
  6. Microsocieties in the Aegean World
    1. Seaborne Trade and Communication
    2. Minoan Culture
    3. Mycenaean Culture
      1. Linear A and B—Writing in the Early Mediterranean Worlds
  7. Europe—The Northern Frontier
  8. Early States in the Americas
  9. Conclusion
  10. Tracing the Global Storylines